Thursday, October 1, 2009

Zombies Attack Halloween Konad

This is my entry for the Halloween Konad/Nail Art contest hosted by Sasse.

I applied 2-3 coats of Zoya Midori last night and did the Konad today. I stamped the blood splatters and drips first, then the Zombies. Does anyone else have trouble getting the Zombies to transfer to the stamper? I got the blood great! But the Zombies were a real pain!!! :-/ I have been wanting to use those Zombie Girls since I got the Konad! I recommend Zombie Girl eyeshadow by glittersniffer (on etsy) with this manicure. :)

The link to the contest is here.

There is about as week left I think. :) Hope you like it. Please comment and follow me!


kittyluvscolor said...

OMG!!! I love it!

awesomevegan said...

Thanks, Kitty!!! :) I just think the zombies are adorable but I am weird like that... We need vampires!!! I would rock those any time of year! Konad, make us some sexy vampires!!! :)

Velvet said...

Hi. That's a cute Halloween mani. You've such a nice blog.

awesomevegan said...

Thanks, Velvet!!! Glad you like my blog and my manicure. :)

KONADomania said...

wow, awsome manicure, so appropriate for halloween, great!!

Sherry said...

so cute.. I think you will win :)

xoxo come to grab the award :)

Lucy said...

Love the manicure. Good color choice.

awesomevegan said...

Thanks for all the compliments! I am glad you like it! I will have more Halloween manis this month. :) Thanks for the award Sherry! I will do the tag now. :)

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