Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blue EOTD, New Organization, New Blog Colors!!!

Hey everyone!!! You may have noticed that I haven't blogged in a little while. I was busy with Brandon (my boyfriend) the last few days.

I have made a few lovely changes to my blog and my makeup storage!!!

I went out with my sweetie and he bought me some storage drawers because he knows I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to my makeup. :) I tweeted about wanting to get some organization stuff. He is the best.

I also had all of my makeup laid out the night before (to see what I had to tackle to organize!) and so I seen some shadows I haven't used in a while (or at all). So the other day I did my eyes really pretty. :) This is the same day that we bought the organizers from Target! Here are some pics!

My Blue Eyes: (seems like a of products but it isn't too hard to do)




Products Used:
Mineral Primer
Cream Shadow Duo in Butter Pecan (as a sticky base for the pigment)
Liquid Liner in Black
Everyday Minerals:
Babysitter (light blue in inner corner)
10 Items or Less (Crease/outer corner) - d/c shade
TKB Trading:
Blueberry Pop pigment (lid color
Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in "Deviant" under lower lashes)
Eccobella Black Mascara
Carnivore by Glittersniffer on etsy (brow bone highlight)

Everyday Minerals
Foundation in Beige- Sunkissed Fair
Natural Reflections Fair
Cookie Sheet Blush - d/c shade

I think I was just wearing lip balm. I can't remember if I had any lipstick or gloss on.
EcoLips: Bee-free

If you want to know what any of the products are or would like to see swatches or ANYTHING in more detail let me know. :) I would be happy to share. This is more to show how I organized things than to show my collection. I am NOT trying to brag. I hope you like it! :)

The whole setup:
Wooden Shelf above: Nail tools, acetone, witch hazel other random beauty stuff
along top of drawers: My tools, primers, bases and liners (in old vintage jewelry box), my solid perfumes from glittersniffer on etsy, my vintage mirror (lights up and has magnification settings)
In drawers left to right: Face products, Lip products, eye products
Silver case: Konad Salon Pro Case

And some more close-up pics:



This I had before but I wanted to show you:

It is a kitchen spice cabinet. My dad moved the shelves and added new ones. He used the actual polish bottles to determine the spacing of the shelves. They are at various heights for different brands :)

I hope you liked this post and maybe got some ideas.

Have a great day! :)


Lucy said...

That's a great Dad who fixes the spice cabinet for your use. I wish my Dad was still alive. He would've definitely made me some beautiful cabinet or shelves for all of my collection. That's a terrific idea to use the spice cabinet. I'm afraid I'd need many more of those. Nice set up for your makeup. Do people really say that your bragging? How crazy it is to say that. We all want to see people's collections of makeup and nail polish. Also how they keep everything organized. Some people are just too sensitive.

awesomevegan said...

Thanks for you comment! My dad is really awesome sometimes :) I am sorry about your dad :( Maybe a bf or husband or a handy friend (male or female!) could help you make a nail polish storage system of some sort. I would love to see your polish collection! :) I just posted the "I am not bragging" as a disclaimer since I see people post it on youtube all the time. Thanks for all your compliments! I may need more polish storage if I keep it up. I have a Zoya haul coming soon!!! (Now that might have sounded a bit braggy :-P )

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