Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Big Apple Blog!

I went to NYC on Tuesday with my boyfriend, Brandon and one of my very best friends, Quincy. Brandon is vegetarian (for almost 8 months now) and both Quincy and I have been vegan for years. Needless to say we checked out a lot of vegan food (or NOMS as Brandon and I affectionately call them) I thought I would share some pics from the trip. :) I hope you enjoy! There is some nail and makeup stuff in here for those interested! :)

In the car on the way there.
My Makeup was:
Eyes: Tinsel Time by Everyday Minerals and some black mascara (Ecobella) Tinsel Time was a l/e holiday shade. I wore it since this was a special day :)
Lips: E.L.F. Mineral Lipstick in Rosy Tan
Blush: Best Friends! (wore this for the name alone and I love the color on me. :)
Face: EDM foundation in Beige - Sun Kissed Fair (semi matte) and Natural Reflections in Fair.

My eyes: (Tinsel Time l/e holiday shade by EDM)

My Big Apple nails: Zoya Midori, Konad Stamping Polishes in Red and Green and plate M55 (click to enlarge)


Babycakes book I bought for my friend, Quincy. He loves that place and loves the book. It is one of the places we went.

Me with my guys :) hehe (on the subway)
From Left: Brandon (bf), Me and Quincy (my friend) Not too flattering of me LOL.

Store in Chinatown with my name in it!

My Lucky Cat found in Jen's Super Store (it's solar powered!)

OMG there is a COW in the subway!!!

The Phantom of the Opera is there... inside my mind!


The Phantom is LOVE!!! We didn't see the show. I watched the movie I have on Wednesday though to satisfy my craving a bit. Still haven't seen the show live. :(

The food places we went to were Babycakes, Atlas Cafe, Vegetarian Dim Sum House and Vegetarian Paradise 2. If you want reviews about these places I can post them as a separate blog.

The non-food places we visited were Chinatown, Time Square, Toys R Us, The Hello Kitty Store, The Disney Store, the Majestic Theater (only the outside) and obviously the Subway.

Oh and my shirt says "Life is Better Vegan" :)

I have many more pictures and can't possibly post them all! Hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading and following me!


Lucy said...

What a fun trip! I've never been to NY. I like your manicure. Fits perfectly with your trip.

awesomevegan said...

Thank you, Lucy. :) Thats why I chose the apples :) I love that Konad plate so much. :)

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