Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have been knitting a bit more lately.

Currently on the needles

Size 13 straights - black and white funfetti shawl (yes still LOL)

Size 35? circs - brown and spring color fun fur scarf

Size 8 straights - cell phone sock (K1 P1 ribbing)

Size 8 straights - pink garter ridge summer T top

Butterfly Loom (it's not "really" knitting but still there lol) - red shawl


***Last month I finished my garter stitch scarf for fall/winter. I started it in February! It was knit on size 8 needles. Blue/purple variated yarn. VERY pretty.

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***I also made a funfetti scarf on the circs (size 35) I think I binded off too tightly cuz it did a weird twisty thing... but it was my first thing I ever made on circs and it is still pretty and I love it!

***I also made a funfetti scarf on my Speed Stix my mom got me. (size 50 needles!) It only used one ball of yarn! decent length too. I think that was 20 stitches across. Worked all in garter. Only a few hours total to make. I don't knit very fast though.

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