Friday, December 18, 2009

5 Guys I Used to Like Tag

I wasn't tagged by anyone as far as I know but I still wanted to play. I could easily pick 10 or 15 guys that I liked growing up. If I get officially tagged by anyone I WILL do this again. If you guys want I can do another post with a list of all my past and current celeb crushes. This is 5 of my favorites from when I was growing up.

Leonardo DiCaprio - I was so in love with Leonardo. I seen Romeo and Juliet in middle school for one of my birthday parties. :) I cried for HOURS after Titanic. I had it bad and I still really like him! :)

Austin O' Brien - My Girl 2... <3 I watched that movie almost every day for years straight. I have no idea why I loved him so much... But I loved him and that movie. Photobucket
Elijah Wood - Drool... I am still trying to collect DVDs of all his movies. <3 I am still in love with him! Photobucket
Vincent Kartheiser - Oh my goshness... Alaska, Masterminds, Indian in the Cupboard, Angel. I was crazy about Vinnie. I named my pet lizard Conner after his character in Angel. Unfortunately my lizard died :( I feel like a noob because I didn't know he was in Mad Men...
Now I have to go watch every episode!

Rider Strong - Boy Meets World <3 What girl didn't love Shawn? My favorite show for years! I sat through Cabin Fever for this guy... Now that's devotion! I found THIS post interesting. Maybe you ladies remember some of the others listed!

I am thinking of doing a list of celebs 40+ that I like. I think it is funny that I have mostly dated younger guys. (My boyfriend, Brandon is younger, yet I have many celeb crushes in this age group)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jen and the Case of the Missing Package

An update:

My missing package arrived today! It was postmarked 11/28/2009. Someone wrote "Wrong address return to sender" on it but the address isn't wrong... weird... I have no clue what that was about. I will do a video or pictures of it probably tomorrow if I feel up to it. I am still hurting from Tuesday's fall. If you don't know what I am talking about ready my Bare Bumm Bath blog.

Everything smells great and she included free samples. Poor Robin (thepinksink on etsy) even sent a replacement package already. I am going to have doubles but she said no worries and to enjoy them. What a sweetie! You should all check her out!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BareBummBath Haul Video

I got a handmade soap haul on etsy. Please watch the video.

I fell on the stairs yesterday and hurt myself. I don't plan on doing my nails until I get better. I went to the emergency room last night. Nothing is broken. I have a contusion. Bruising under the skin. It hurts bad and you may notice me not moving my left arm too much in parts of the video. I hope you will enjoy the haul. This is not the replacement for the one that got stolen. This is from a different seller. I will update you when my other packages come. I have a few small packages coming soon. :)

Here is the video!

Thanks for reading and please follow me here and on twitter and subscribe on Youtube. Awesomevegan is the username on all.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fairly Take and Fairly Give

So apparently someone stole one of my packages I have been waiting for. It was delivered on December 3rd. My mom talked to the mail carrier who does our route and he said it was scanned and delivered just like my tracking number said. Stealing is wrong and not fair. People shouldn't take things they know are not theirs. It was taken either out of my mailbox or right off of my porch. It is bad I guess with the holidays here. People are stealing packages for the presents that may be inside.

I believe that one should "Fairly take and fairly give." Stealing is not okay. You shouldn't take something without paying for it or take something someone else paid for. Not cool, neighbor person who took my stuff. If I knew who it was I would be so angry. I talked to the etsy seller (thepinksink)and she said she would replace it but it is not her fault and she shouldn't have to. It is not fair to her either.

This is a time of year where people should be doing nice things for others.

I sure hope that they stink really bad and need it more than I do! If I loose any more I will go off! /end rant

Friday, December 4, 2009

What's up with Jen?

Hey everyone. I am sorry for the lack of posts. I plan to do some videos for YouTube about some stuff I ordered online. I am waiting for everything to arrive. If you are not already subbed to me on YouTube, my username is awesomevegan. I will be doing some hauls and reviews and maybe a few tutorials soon so keep a lookout for those. My birthday is December 9th. I will be turning 25.

What would you like to see be blog or vlog about? Please leave a comment and let me know! I will try to get some pics of my fingers and toes for you! :)

My Pictures <3