Wednesday, December 16, 2009

BareBummBath Haul Video

I got a handmade soap haul on etsy. Please watch the video.

I fell on the stairs yesterday and hurt myself. I don't plan on doing my nails until I get better. I went to the emergency room last night. Nothing is broken. I have a contusion. Bruising under the skin. It hurts bad and you may notice me not moving my left arm too much in parts of the video. I hope you will enjoy the haul. This is not the replacement for the one that got stolen. This is from a different seller. I will update you when my other packages come. I have a few small packages coming soon. :)

Here is the video!

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Judy said...

You poor thing!!! what a great haul though :) Hope you're feeling better. Did you have a good birthday?!?!

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