Monday, September 14, 2009

First Attempt Sponging + news

My first ever attempt Sponging with the Konad.


I did these on my niece. She loved them and they looked nice I think. She went swimming the next day and they started to peel up. If anyone knows more about this and could help me improve my technique I would be grateful :) Maybe I sponged it too thickly? I have no clue. I followed the directions it came with.

The image SHOULD be clickable to make it bigger.

NEWS: I went shopping yesterday and I got this new cookbook:

She has a blog too so check it out.
The book has full color pics for almost every recipe I think and it was about 19 dollars. :)

I also got a new nail polish! It will get its OWN post soon :)

I also got some awesome new pants which I am going to do matching nails for soon. :)

Thanks for reading!


kittyluvscolor said...

Oh! That is soooo cute! I love the different colored butterflies! I think water is just a pain!

awesomevegan said...

Thanks :) I am glad you like it. :) She loves when I do her nails. She got new ones today! I forgot to take a picture. Maybe my mom will think to take one in the AM. I hope I get a picture before she messes them up LOL. Nails don't last long on kids LOL. They are a simple design but I still like to take pictures of all the ones I do. :)

Lucy said...

Very pretty manicure. I just came across your blog from someone's blog roll. Sorry I don't remember who's it was. I'm not a Vegan either so I hope you won't hold it against me! Just kidding. I hope you can post your photos larger. I did click it so I could see it. Really lovely job you did on the sponge work.

Anonymous said...

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