Friday, September 4, 2009


I got my Konad order from I got the Salon Pro Kit and 5 additional plates. It comes with LOADS of stuff. Of course I took pictures. My first attempt wasn't so great. I should have used a lighter base color. I wasn't thinking A Grape Fit was that dark! Enjoy the pics!

A smiling Jen :)

The pretty butterflies on the case

SOME of what's inside. Special polishes are under the sponge/foam.

The loose round plates. There are 14 here. Sorry for the reflection LOL

My first semi-fail Konad attempt! (Click to enlarge)


I need practice for my Konading (lol) so I am accepting requests! I have plates m1-m45 (except for the reversed m36) and also plates m55, m56, m57, m61 and m73. If you would like to see any of these images on the nail I can try them :) If you would just like to see a look using a certain plate I can try that too. :) Also to anyone with more experience than me any suggestions for good images or plates to start practicing with are welcome! :) Hope you enjoyed this! Thanks for reading! Please comment and follow me!


Judy said...

The first Konad plate I started with was the button design on plate M16! I started with the simpler designs and worked my way into the more intricate designs once I got the hang of it! That case is amazing, BTW! You should have LOTS of fun playing with KONAD! The fruits look cute!!!

awesomevegan said...

Thanks Judy! :) I have the buttons design (plate m16) on the large plate and I have an obsession with buttons, circles, polka dots LOL. Starting with simple designs is a good idea. I will try that. I am sure I will have lots of fun. I am glad you like the fruits!

thriszha said...

wow!! imso envy with ur collection.. im lemming for this pro kit...waaaaaaa...

thriszha said...

do u have s9 image plate?? im so lemming for that ip..& hopefully i would find someone who's willing to swap to some of my nail art item..
sadly s9 & CORALINE KIT are not available at konad philippines.. coz theyre only available in US =(
can u make a design using that ip S9 specially the "japanese girl"
thanks ill be looking forward to ur designs... if u like to contact me or u have any question.. heres my email

awesomevegan said...

LOL Thriszha! I know the pro kit is awesome. I do NOT have the S9 plate yet. I want it very much. If I had it I would do a design for you. I want the little geishas and lucky cat. Whenever I get to get it I will do a nail design for you. :)

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