Saturday, September 19, 2009

How do you organize your cosmetics?

I am in desperate need of organization tips. I have too much makeup and nail supplies etc. I don't know how to tackle organizing them. There are a lot I don't use enough since I don't have them organized well. Please share your pics and spread the tag around. I will post mine when I get them organized better! (Videos are good too)

I tag in no particular order:

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Lucy said...

I'm really interested in this. I recently had to pack up everything in my room and put it all in my closet. I had to get my apartment painted. What a mess all my closets were. Anyway, I had to put all my makeup in boxes. Last night I unpacked it all and put lots of things in makeup bags and in my drawers of my burea. I wish I could store them better so I could use them easier. I was wondering who had a good system for this. This is a great subject and good timing!

awesomevegan said...

Thanks, Lucy! I really want a Helmer (from Ikea) or something similar for my makeup. I have a Caboodles case that I love but I have too much to fit it all in there! I have some backups and products I don't use as often in there. I have this cute jewelry box type thing my mom had in in like the 70s she gave me. I think it works well for makeup. It is small but I put my most used things in it and keep it on top of my desk. It has my liners, eye primer, foundation and some glosses etc. I will post a picture of it at some point.

awesomevegan said...

I got some new organization stuff. Maybe I will take pictures :)

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