Thursday, October 8, 2009

Over The Top Blog Award:

I was tagged by Sherry for:


Thanks for tagging me! Now my answers (must be one word each)

Where's your cell phone: purse

Your hair: brown

Your mother: British

Your father: loud

Favorite Food: asian

Dream last night: forgotten

Favorite drink:

What room are you: mine

Hobby: blogging

Fear: loneliness

Where were you last night: home

Something that you aren't: carnivorous

Muffins: yummy

Wish list item: KONAD

Where did you grow up: Massachusetts

What are you wearing: tee

Your pets: cats

Friends: ecentric

Something you're not wearing: socks

Favorite store: thrift

Favorite color: purple

Last time you laughed: today

Your best friend: Damian

Place you go to over and over: restaurants

Person who emails you regularly: none

Favorite place to eat: vegan

I pass this tag & award to the following people:


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