Saturday, October 31, 2009

Great Veg and Vegan Sites!

I am going to make this a list of some of my favorite sites and blogs about vegetarian and vegan topics. I will update this regularly when I find something cool. There will be a link in the sidebar so you can always find it!
Make a veg/vegan online recipe box and label the recipes with your own labels. If you want a Vampire category go for it! Need a category for recipes for your picky family members? You can do that too. :) If I try any recipes here and they come out great I will tell you! :)

Vegan Yum Yum:
This girl is incredible. She also has a book out. You will find a variety of delicious recipes that are very creative.

Post Punk Kitchen:
The vegan cupcake queen. Isa Chandra Moscowitz. This woman is a vegan goddess. She has several vegan cookbooks out and the site has many free recipes submitted my her and site users. Awesome! Try the Banana Bread, Pumpkin Bread or Zuchini Bread. :)

I am going to think of more and will add them as I remember them or find them. Until then have a great day.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween. My post about the history of Halloween will be this evening. :)

I think I am going to make these today!


gildedangel said...

Thank you for this! My boyfriend is vegan and I have the hardest time finding good recipes to cook for him!

awesomevegan said...

You are welcome! Thank you so much for commenting! I hope you can have a good time with some of those links! My bf is vegetarian (for 9 months now) He wasn't veg when we met. I am thinking he will like some of the Mexican casserole dishes on VegWeb. You should have your bf pick some things that interest him on the site and cook them together! I plan to add more links so keep checking back. :)

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