Friday, October 2, 2009

Coming Soon: Zoya!!!

I received my order of Zoya from the BOGO promotion. Sadly 3 of my polishes are missing :( I sent an email and I know they are best sellers (Harlow, Savita and Roxy) so they may be out of stock and I am not too worried. On a happier note... I now have 12 Zoya's that I can swatch for all of you (all 8 of you) hehe.

I have the following colors:
Midori (which you have seen a couple of times)
Vegas Freeze

The NEW ones: (and how they look to me in the bottle)
Jennifer -looks light brown :) - my name polish!
Penny - coppery, orange gold
Sienna - bright orange glitter
Shivon - very hard to describe gold, rose, brown?
Delilah - glittery red - one of my dog's name!
Lola - Pink with blue shimmer?
Jo - calming blue with subtle blue/silver shimmer
Juno - deep purple possibly duochrome?
Akyra - teal, blue/green

Would anyone be opposed to toe swatches??? :)


Lucy said...

Toe swatches are kinda weired and harder to see the color! Funny though. I just got my order yesterday. I'd better check my slip. I had a really LARGE order. So there were three that I had checked off in my book that weren't in the order. Good thing I read this. I'll have to check later on.

awesomevegan said...

Glad I could be of some help. :) I posted toe swatches anyway as I am sure you seen :) I am going to post hand ones too but I keep forgetting to take pics of just the color before I go all Konad crazy LOL!

Were any of the ones you ordered matte? They are really popular right now and sell out super quick!

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