Thursday, October 22, 2009

You Make Me Smile Tag!

I was tagged by GlitterMillie :) I love her blog and am honored to be tagged by her. :)


The rules are that I am supposed to post a song that makes me smile and tag some other blogs that make me smile and why I love them!

I chose this song that my boyfriend discovered and shared with me! It is an original song by Mike Lombardo. I think he is cute and funny and can sing and play piano/keyboard very well.

Other songs that make me smile are Hey There Delilah by The Plain White Ts, Here in your Arms by hellogoodbye, Everything I Do (I Do it for You) by Bryan Adams, Swing Life Away by Rise Against (my bf and my song) and anything by Scott MacIntyre.

I tag:

Nicole (Magic Maid): Nicole is my newest follower! I love her blog because she has great swatches in more than one lighting condition (my flaw is I don't have good pictures because I am lazy and hate dealing with my camera) I also like her descriptions of the colors :)

Beauty Judy: I love Judy's blog because she has a variety of brands and posts nice swatches. She is friendly and gives honest reviews whether she buys the item/collection or is sent it and she always thanks the company for sending it. :)

Thriszha (Fab Your Nails): This is one of my favorite blogs! Her designs are very creative and always well done. :) She takes very good pictures too! :)

KonADDICT: I think this was the first beauty/nail blog I followed. This one along with others inspired me to try Konad. I like her step by step pics and the borders around them are so cool! She has complex designs but makes you feel like you could pull them off yourself.

I also tag anyone else who hasn't done this tag yet! :) All my followers and blogs I follow make me smile. These are just a few of my many favorites :)

And as a bonus:
I'll Take Tom (The Myspace Breakup Song) by Scott MacIntyre. (my other boyfriend LOL)
I have 3 reasons to justify adding this one as a bonus:
1. I love Scott!
2. This song makes me smile and LOL.
3. It is the perfect geeky breakup song to go along with the geeky love song!

Embedding was disabled on that one. If you like it you can buy his EP "A View from Above" on iTunes. It is a great buy for any Scott fan! :)

And for Lucy!

Happy Birthday Orkut Graphics
Happy Birthday Graphics

That is all! Hope you enjoyed the song(s)!


thriszha said...

wow!! thats so sweet... thanks.. U TOO.. u always made me smile..
btw.. im looking forward for ur other asian accent... again thanks..

awesomevegan said...

Oh I forgot about the Asian look for you! I need to do that. And that nautical contest. I forgot who it was for! Oh my I have so many to do but things have been hectic and crazy here. I will get to it soon!

Aquaheart said...

Love this!

p.s. oh and about bloglovin', not sure what to do either. lol but i think its just like our dashboard where we can see others newest blog post! I will follow you back :)

love your blog :)

awesomevegan said...

Thanks, Aquaheart. I think I basically have the bloglovin' figured out. The cool thing is you can search for blogs by keyword and save posts or mark them as read. I am glad you like my post. :) I love Hey Molly! :)

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