Friday, October 30, 2009

Two Manicures and Some Kitty Eyes

Hi everyone! I have for you 2 contest manicures and a cat eye look.


The first manicure is for Nail Juice's Nautical Nail Art Contest.

I used a sheer blue, medium blue and darker blue. I used the sheer blue N.Y.C. Scandalas Blue Green Glitter over the whole nail. Then I layered Zoya - Jo over 2 thirds of my nail and used No Miss Biscayne Blue on the tips. I applied No Miss Top Coat then stamped across the line where the sheer and medium blue met using Konad Special polish in white. I used image plate m24. Then I used Art Club Black nail art paint (and toothpics when I got annoyed with the brush) to draw the anchor and wheel. :) I finished with Konad Top Coat. I hope you like it!

The next manicure is for Nail Art World's Winter Manicure Contest.

For this manicure I used 2 coats of N.Y.C. White Lights Glitter. Then 1 coat of No Miss Top Coat. Then I stamped with Konad Silver (very subtle) the flower/star/snow pattern on plate m5 on all my nails. I randomly positioned them. :)

Then I stamped the white snowflake like pattern from plate m20 on my index, middle and pinky (I did the thumb after the candy cane.) I alternated the placement of the snowflake. I then stamped the snowman on the ring finger and the red candy cane on my thumb. I followed with the snowflake on my thumb. Next I went over each tip with N.Y.C. Starry Silver Glitter fishing out the large pieces of both pink and blue (repeat). Next I did the black snowman eyes with Art Club Nail Art Paint. Finally I applied Konad Top Coat and applied a pink flower rhinestone in the center of the thumb snowflakes. Once dry I applied a 2nd layer of topcoat on my thumb. :) I hope you like this one too!

My manicures are getting more complicated but I am so proud of myself! :)

Now for the cat's eye!

For this look I used E.L.F. Mineral Eyeshadow primer. Next I applied Everyday Minerals - Mistletoe to my lid and into the crease. Next I used E.L.F. Black liner (from my mini makeup collection I wouldn't nessesarily recommend this one) to line below my lower lashes and extended the line up at an angle pointed toward the ends of my brows as a guide. Next using the E.L.F. Studio Line Small Precision Brush (LOVE) and Back To The Earth Cosmetics - Tree Spirit (dark green) I lined under the lower lashes (over the pencil liner), created a defined outer V and continued a bit into my crease. I only blended where the 2 greens met NOT THE EDGES. I wanted to leave the edges sharp and fierce like an intent cat stare! I used a bit more Tree Spirit and carefully drug the precision brush up at an angle towards my brow to create the cat eye style wing. I know it is a bit over the top but I love it! I finished with Glittersniffer - Carnivore (ironically my fave highlight color) under the brow. It looks scary and pale green in the package but it is awesome. I got it as a free sample and I love it! Then of course my favorite mascara (EccoBella Black.) Please excuse my insanely messy brows!!!

I have included links most of the retailers sites. E.L.F. and Eccobella are also available in some stores in the U.S. I don't know about outside of the U.S. Everyday Minerals is available internationally from their site.

Back to the Earth doesn't appear to be on Etsy anymore. If I find it I will update with a link.

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gildedangel said...

Those contest manis are really great, and I love the makeup too!

Velvet said...

Beautiful manis! I love the green shadows for the eye make-up. Very pretty!

thriszha said...

wow!! those are really pretty.. i also join at nail juice nautical theme mani contest.. i must say ur really good in paiting the anchor... coz i cant paint that anchor perfectly like ur winter mani..snowman is so cute...

Judy said...

Those contest manis look great - good luck to you!! Also, I love the cat eyes, too!

chocaddict said...

Hi :)
Both of your manis are really pretty and you have gorgeous eyes. You're inspiring me to try a winter inspired manicure though it doesn't really feel like winter here yet for now we have to make do with the dreadful parisian autumn weather

awesomevegan said...

WOW so many comments! Thats what happens when you don't stalk your own blog I guess LOL.

Thanks for all the kind words. Since you seem to be interested in the eye makeup too I will post more of them. I am also hoping to do more crafts again and plan to share some of those too along with cooking/baking blogs and the occasional animal post. I hope you will like the variety. I don't want to manage more than one blog if I don't have to so I plan to just put them all here. :)

gildedangel: Thanks so much! I love how they came out!

Velvet: Green and purple are my favorite shadow colors. :)

thriszha: Thank you I am glad you like my anchor! I don't think I am very good at handpainting on nails. I used to draw and paint a lot in school. I majored in Graphic Design and then Fine Arts in college.

Judy: Thank you for wishing me luck. I need it with all the talent on here! I plan to do more cat eyes!

Chocaddict, Thank you for the compliments :) You should try a winter mani before winter comes to practice. I still need to do my take on the falling leaves manicure for autumn!

Lucy said...

Love both your manicures. Your eye makeup is very nice. I'm also wearing a deep green eye makeup tonight. Some nice green eye liner also.

awesomevegan said...

Thanks, Lucy! Gotta love green eye makeup! So when are you going to get a blog and show us your lovely work?

My Pictures <3