Sunday, October 11, 2009

Zoya Sienna!

Zoya Sienna is a semi-bright medium orange with lots of orange/gold/yellow shimmer/fine glitter. :) It is a very pretty color for Halloween! I thought I would share some pictures with you! These are taken in the sun and my timing was pretty good because the sun went and hid after I took these. I left the edges messy because I knew I was Konading it (as I usually do!) I would have pics of the Konad but when I tried to take pictures after Konading I realized my camera is dead! I need a new one terribly. It eats batteries like crazy! Anyway... here is Sienna in all her glittery glory.

Zoya Sienna: 2 coats with No Miss Base Coat and No Miss Top Coat. (Base coat has a cloudy look but goes on clear. ) I bet it would look amazing layered over a black creme. :)

Don't you worry... I will have pictures of the Konad tomorrow! I hope I get more sun! *crosses pretty manicured fingers*

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