Friday, November 13, 2009

Zoya Superfan Prizes and more!

Here is a picture of my lovely prizes from Zoya.

They are the Truth and Dare Collections and a Zoya Tshirt. It is only available from contests at this point. :) I feel so lucky!

I won these by making this video for YouTube:

Let me know if you want the name of any of the colors I have on! LOL

Here is a mani I did earlier this week with a color NOT in the Truth or Dare Collections.

I used Zoya Shivon which is a pretty rosey, bronze type color that is hard to describe but very pretty! Plate numbers M13 and M36.


The Zombie Cupcakes I made for Halloween that I forgot to post!

There is strawberry jelly in them so when you bite in you get their brains! LOL <3

I am still sick so I am sorry for the lack of posts lately. I will be better! Let me know which colors you want to see on my nails! :)


gildedangel said...

I can't wait to see swatches of the Zoyas, and that mani is so cute!

awesomevegan said...

Thank you! Any color you really want to see? Just let me know!

thriszha said...

wow!! im so envy with ur zoya polishes..i dont have any zoya...waaaaaaaaaa....
can u swatch them

awesomevegan said...

Oh my Thriszha! You can't get Zoya's in your country yet can you? :( That is so sad. I will swatch them all eventually but I don't know if my poor little fingers can handle all at once! I am thinking Pinta may be the first one. Penny is from the Truth Collection and was used in my Asian mani. (I have 2 bottles of it now which is awesome since it is a great fall color) Maybe I will use 2 colors in my next mani so you can see more of them!

paintedladyfingers said...

Congratulations! What great prizes from Zoya! I am looking forward to seeing whatever polishes you are in the mood to share with us. <3

awesomevegan said...

Thank you, paintedladyfingers! I have to take a picture of my latest mani. I was so busy today! I forgot to get a picture of my nails. I will take one tomorrow. :)

Lucy said...

Love your manicure. Cute. The cupcakes look delicious.

Vegan Valerie said...

Hello! I saw your YouTube Video about Zoya nail polish! It was cute! Is Zoya really vegan? I noticed that you also have information on your blog about Opi. Are they a vegan brand too? I'd love to know which brands I can trust. Write back and let me know more about what you know. Thank you so much! (And is time up for your prize give away? How sad for me.) Talk to you soon! :)

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