Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Free" Mini Makeup Collection from E.L.F. with any order.

You can add any one item to your cart and just pay shipping and cost of that one item and get the Mini Makeup Collection for free.

The code is LOYAL. I just tried it and it works but I already have one so I am not going to order now LOL. It works even for just a 1 dollar item. If you do that the subtotal before tax is $7.95 in the USA. I don't know which other countries they ship to.

Also Target now carries E.L.F. products. :) Be sure to check them out if you live near a Target. :)

E.L.F. Also now has an "83 Piece Essential Makeup Collection" ($30) and a "141 Piece Master Makeup Collection" ($40) Needless to say I want the big one! I wonder if Target will have them before the holidays...? :)

Here is a video on Youtube about the different makeup collections! Enjoy!

COUPON CODE EGSTUDIOX still works for 50% off studio line items with orders of $15 or more before shipping. If you want the medium or large collection use that code! :)

I want it. I want it bad :-P

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