Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Year Anniversary!

November 15th was my 2 year anniversary with Brandon (my boyfriend). We went to Boston and had lunch at Grasshopper (it was buffet day!) My favorite thing I ate was this battered gluten covered in sauce. I believe it is "The No Name" on the menu. Then we came back to my house and rented a movie and snuggled up to watch it. We didn't get many pics in the restaurant because the lighting wasn't great and it was very overcast outside. We did get some pictures back here though!

One of my favorite pics from our anniversary

Me and Brandon with my gifts, Sookie Stackhouse Novels (first 7 books) and an Amazon giftcard. (for my ebooks for my Amazon Kindle (ebook reader)

My Mani!



Image Plates: Konad M2, M3 and M4. Polish Colors: Zoya Pinta (pinky, middle, thumb) and Zoya Demi (ring and index) Stamping with Konad Special Polish in White and Light Pink.

Those wondering what an "Amazon Kindle" is here is a video for the older model(the one I have)

Click here to see the site for the new Kindle 2.

The Kindle 2 IS NOW AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE USA. Make sure you read on the site about service in your country before buying one :) If you have any basic questions about the Kindle feel free to ask and I will answer the best I can or point you to someone who can :)

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I have been very sick for 3 weeks. I got some new medicine when I seen the doctor today so I hope I will feel better soon. Haven't been in the mood to blog lately. But I want you to know I love you all and appreciate your comments and following me. Please share my blog with your friends and keep commenting. I read them all! :)

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT affiliated with or the Kindle Wireless Reading Device in any way. I have not been paid to mention them in this post nor have I been given any freebies or compensation (ie free ebooks) I am not trying to sell it to anyone. I received it last year as a gift and love it. That is all :)


thriszha said...

ohh.. happy anniversary to the both of u...i love ur mani..

oh sweety.. can i ask a favor.. pls visit polish-loungie site and pls vote for me... thanks a lot.. by the way do u have any idea who won on the nautical mani contest???

Lumin0us said...

Don't worry about posting! Just get well! We'll be right here waiting!;)

Lucy said...

Hope your feeling much better by now. Happy Anniversary to the two of you. Enjoy the novels. I really loved them. Great that you have a Kindle. I'd buy one but I'm on the computer too much and not reading much.

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