Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pink With Skulls Nails

I was inspired by a shirt I recently got to create nails to do with it!

Here is the shirt:

And here are the nails!

The Thumb:

Plates used (all Konad Brand)
M13 Skull
M28 Spider
M45 Fishnet Tips
M25 Purple 4-petal Flowers

Color is Zoya - Lola and the decals are made by Fing'rs. :) I used the Konad Top Coat and the Black bled through to the top. Any tips for this problem?

Don't worry! I got the shirt BEFORE I started Wardrobe Re-fashion! :) I plan to post pictures of things I make and refashion soon. :) I hope you like my nails and the other things I share.


thriszha said...

this is so cool.. i love it..

Kirsten said...

That looks great!

Kelsey said...

you are so good at this stuff!

chocaddict said...

wow this looks awesome, you did a real good job with that mani!

paintedladyfingers said...

So clever to turn them into sugar skulls with the addition of flower eyes. Love it!

Judy said...

I love this mani - you are very creative to find inspiration in your shirt! This is great!

awesomevegan said...

Thanks for all your kind words! These are one of my favorites I have done. I like to pull inspiration from things to do nails and makeup. :)

Kelsey, if you haven't tried Konad you should. You can get it at and there are many 30% off codes on beauty blogs. OCNailArt has free shipping over 20 dollars (after discount is applied) I would recommend starting with plate M57 (fishnet, leopard print, lace-esqe patterns, zebra print and flowers), Black stamping polish, white stamping polish, Konad Top Coat and the dual stamper with scraper. If you can get a second plate pick any other one you like. I just know M57 is a fave for many. If you want any other plate recommendations or want a discount code to order let me know :)

Lucy said...

Love your top. Your nails are really fantastic! Love the skull.

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