Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vegan Beauty Resources

So today I got a package in the mail! :)

Wanna guess what it was?

It was my Vegan Palette from Urban Decay and Tuscan Blood Orange perfume from Pacifica. All packed up in a pretty brown Sephora box. :) It also came with 3 perfume samples... I think 2 of them may be vegan. I am trying to research them. I will get back to you when I know more. I am afraid that I am going to become obsessed with vegan perfumes. I have some solid ones from etsy... and a couple of roll on ones from etsy as well but not many spray perfumes. I would like to start collecting some, especially from Pacifica since the scents are so lovely and available at Sephora and I have a Sephora near me. The boxes and bottles are also lovely so they will look pretty if I ever get a vanity table set up nice in my room.

I plan to play with my palette and post combo ideas and maybe even a tutorial for those interested. I haven't used the palette yet but I may try it out tomorrow.

I was browsing the net looking for other vegan perfumes and makeup and such and wanted to share some sites and blogs related to the topic so check them out below:

Kindly Indulge Me blog about vegan indulgences including makeup, perfumes, food and more relating to a vegan lifestyle

Chic Vegan Blog about cruelty-free and vegan makeup, fashion and more

Cruelty-Free Face Products, companies and video tutorials

My Makeup Mirror List of companies that don't test and offer some if not most or all vegan products.

I am sure all you ladies, vegan or not will enjoy these links and there are even some posts and products that may help the men in your lives. Enjoy!

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