Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that I want to start posting more again. My question for you is... What would you like to see most? Makeup, nails, fashion, food? Please let me know. I also just signed up for chictopia last night. I haven't posted anything there but I plan to start. If you have any suggestions or inspiration for fashion, nails, or makeup ideas please let me know. :) I will see you all soon! :)


Vegan Valerie said...

I always like to know more about what you do with your nails, Jen. But you probably post on YouTube about that all the time. I just need to check it out! But I also like to see what kind of culinary ideas other vegans have. So I'd like hearing about that too. Most of all, you post about what ever you want, though! It's all about you! Whatever you choose to write will be wonderful! :)

Kittyluvscolor said...

I think you should do post on all of those topics if that's what you enjoy. We will probably read what ever you post. Glad your back!

susies1955 said...

Ya do what you want. I's YOUR blog but I love nails, and nails and nails. :)

awesomevegan said...

Thanks everyone! I will do more nails but I will do other things too. :) Check out my youtube vlog. I have been doing a daily fashion vid for the last week and I hope I can keep it up! :)

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