Saturday, August 29, 2009

Revamping my Blog!

I plan to post more on here about what I am doing in life. Expect to see a range of topics including vegan makeup reviews, nail art, makeup looks, book reviews, recipes, vegan food pictures, craft projects and more. This blog it truly going to have a bit of everything! :) I hope I can get more readers and you like it!

I ordered a Konad Professional Salon Kit and 5 additional plates. I will post pics when it arrives and I am accepting requests for plates to use in designs. :) I will have M1-45 (except for reverse M36) and plates M55, M56, M57, M61 and M73. :) I have a lot to start with and plan to collect more. Expect to see looks inspired by the holiday seasons, books, movies, art, nature and more!
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